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38 species of birds have been recorded (landed) in this garden, with an extra 18 species observed flying over. A grand total of 56 since February 2000.


Grey Heron, probably related to the one that took our Goldfish last winter!

Report for last week 
The feeders have had 2 Greenfinch, 4 Goldfinches, 2 Blue Tit and 2 Great Tit.
House Sparrow numbers are at a maximum of 12. Starling numbers have fallen locally with the departure of the migrants and the remainder appear to be the local 30 or so.
Our male Robin and Blackbird are singing well now. What appears to be the resident male Blackbird chases off the visitors. We have now had to guard our feeders with netting to keep the resident pair of Magpies off and stop the Woodpigeons from hoovering up the seed: they discovered the feed included mealworms and were becoming a nuisance to the smaller species
There have been two visits by female Chaffinch during the cold weather and a female Pied Wagtail was a daily visitor during January and early February. A Wren has been active here recently.

How about having this in your back garden? This young Black Bear was one of two that visited the waste bin dumpster when we were in New Jersey .

Below:: a winter plumage Semi-palmated Plover (2009) and right, Piping Plover also winter plumage (2010)
both on Brigantine Beach nr Atlantic City New Jersey USA – cute or what?

The Indigo Bunting was photographed along the Liberty Trail on the Wallkill River Refuge. A very tame Tree Swallow sat in a Sumach as we walked from New Jersey into New York State on a part of the trail that is also a short section of the 2,000 plus miles of the Appalachian Trail.

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