Now, where can you begin bird watching in the West Midlands? Local parks and country parks are great places to start but you should try these very special places below:

Upton Warren – Christopher Cadbury Wetland Reserve


Venus Pool Nature Reserve

(What have you got locally? You may find it takes several weeks before the local birds take to your feeders. It helps if there is little natural food but also try to provide ‘cover’ for them to lurk in and escape to should a sparrowhawk threaten)


Once you are hooked on this birdwatching business, you may need to organise your records etc. The BTO at help you to do this with Bird Track. You will also be helping the BTO in their surveys by doing this and ultimately you may wish to participate in their ATLAS . . . . .

British Trust for Ornithology
Atlas 2007 – 2011



. . . .2 km squares (known as tetrads) are used for bird mapping in the project to publish the next BTO Atlas of Breeding & Wintering Birds in the UK – we live in SO88Z and we’ll also be surveying SO88U during the next four years. In North Wales we will survey the tetrad known as SH75T. This is where we have installed 24 nesting boxes and an owl box.
Click this link to find out more about the Atlas and how to volunteer: