Feeding Scheme

Bird Food

We have tested many different types of bird food. Mixed seed is wasted because much is thrown down by the birds as they search for their ‘favourite’. The cost of feed is also an issue. During summer months we have slightly reduced feeding as the cost was proving to be prohibitive.

We use:
Sunflower Hearts mixed with a small amount of mixed seed.
Small Fat Balls
In winter, Sultanas (soaked in water overnight) are appreciated by Blackbirds and Magpies








Anne Kennedy Pet Supplies
for all types of seed – I have yet to find any cheaper at acceptable quality.

Who Likes What?
Sparrow: Sunflower Hearts/Fat Balls
Starling: Fat Balls
Collared Dove/Woodpigeon: Sunflower H’ts/Ground feed
Greenfinch: Sunflower Hearts & mixed seed
Siskin & Goldfinch: Nijer
Blackbirds like Sultanas
Bullfinch: Sunflower Hearts
Robin: Sunflower Hearts
All species are attracted to the pond and bird baths including Magpie, Crow and Heron!


After nearly twenty years of experimenting with commercial feeders and making my own, the best I have found are these simple polythene feeder. They screw onto an empty drinks bottle after firstly drilling two holes for the hanging loop.

Two designs are used:
Both are suitable for sunflower hearts or mixed seeds, but I find that the 4 hole type gives more protection in wet weather and does not clog-up so readily.

Being for the drier(?) American market, these feeders need drain holes which I drill around the edge of the tray. I also reduce the depth of the ‘tube’ bit of the yellow version as this improves the flow of the seed and prevents seed jaming in the neck. The only ‘fiddly’ bit is getting the seed into the bottle, but a cheap plastic funnel will do the job.


The green version is now available from certain garden centres: ‘Gardenlands’ between Wolverhampton and Bridgnorth is one. However, I got mine direct from the USA and if you have difficulty finding them I can either obtain them locally and pass on by post or I can always import aghain from the USA. Please e-mail me your detailed requirements or questions and I will supply total cost (multi orders save considerably on postage – try both types) and my address for your payment. Once your personal cheque has cleared your order will be dispatched.