This Osprey nest and it’s nesting pair were near Cape May, New Jersey, USA in May 2012. . . . . . photographing them at the nest was easy as we simply stopped on the road and lowered the window. A car make a good bird hide!


Sparrowhawk in our garden. It appeared to have injured its left foot and was completely oblivious to us. It flew off after a while but allowed us to get these pictures without the need of the telescope – we just walked up to it! We hope it was still able to catch its prey while the foot recovered.
Sparrowharks come through the garden every day, but they are not always successful at capturing their prey. However, we have to be aware that we are feeding the little birds that sometimes feed the big ones!






Kingfisher at Venus Pool – a Shropshire Ornithological Society reserve 5mls south of Shrewsbury. Open to the public – well worth a visit at any time.


Birds of Wales (UK)

Below: three shots taken at Gigrin Farm Kite feeding station
Some Red Kites can be identified by their wing tags – this is a juvenile from 2006, but there have been several tagged birds from other areas of the UK.
Middle: Over twenty Red Kites in this one shot – try the Welsh Kite website for some far better pictures of these fabulous birds and information about the feeding times at Gigrin Farm

Birds of the USA:- New Jersey



Common Grackles in a ‘Back Yard’

Dark-eyed Junco – a very varied bird depending where in the USA you find them


Another common New Jersey woodland bird:


Eastern Wood-Pewee, photographed on the Liberty Trail, in the Wallkill River Refuge,

American Nature Reserves are called ‘Refuges’ Below are three pictures from Refuges along the Delaware River.




Field Sparrow (Spizella pusilla) (above) sings its heart out in Long Bridge Park a ‘refuge’ near Mount Holly, NJ. A Red-winged Blackbird in flight (another of Joanna’s photos) flies around its territory in a wetland setting.

A pair of Blue Jays at their nest in Roebling NJ
This shot was taken from a small playground looking towards the River Delaware and the slope of the land enabled a view into the nest.





Australian Birds from Queensland:

These two photos are provided by our daughter-in-law’s parents in tropical Queeensland: I hope the identity of the White-winged Chough is correct!